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      About Us :

       SaP IT Solutions
is at fore front of Computer Hardware ,Software ,
       Training Business in Pune. Our Mission is to give “ Solution to IT Revolution “

 We are dealing  in:

        1: Computers  Hardware  , Intel  Recommended  Desktops   [ Intel Gold Partner ].
        2: Computers [ PC & All in One Desktops ] & Laptops include ASUS ,DELL , HP, Acer , SONY , Lenovo.
        3: Peripherals -> TV Tuner ,  UPS,  Web Cam, Speaker Systems  , USB  Devices all Range
            Inkjet & Laser Printers & All in One [ Print , Scan , Copy ,Fax ] HP , Canon , Samsung , Epson .
        4: Laptop ->  Charger ,  Battery , Displays , DVD writer ,Keyboard , Motherboard .
        5: Computers , Laptops Support & Service .   
        6: Wired & Wireless Networking Solutions.
        7: License Software. ( Microsoft OEM & Paper License, Adobe , Autodesk ), Total Antivirus Solutions .
        8: Servers ->  Branded [ HP , IBM ] & Intel  Recommended both Tower &  Rack Mounted .
        9: Projectors à Epson , SONY , DELL

        With Changing vision of IT Business we are starting  our Training division
        1:  Professional Hardware & Networking Training ( Including Microsoft & Linux)
        2:  Web site Designing & Coaching.
        We are working in many sectors with innumerous Customers.
        We believe that a totally satisfied customer is first step to success.
        Supply of Genuine Quality & original Computer hardware  is our main aim.
        All this has earned us a reputation of being Genuine Dealer in Computer Industry. We have Supplied Computers to
        1) Education Sector ( 2) Banking Sector (3) Corporate Sector (4) Home Sector
        We know the service requirements of each of these sectors as each sector uses Computer differently.    

         For SaP IT Solutions the quest for excellence in all its fields of activity has been a primary objective. What has taken SaP IT Solutions to the
         pinnacle is its "Solution to IT  Revolution" in every sphere that determines its existence. We provide solutions by training each & every person
         who come to us by literating about computer & related IT technology.

         For SaP IT Solutions its objective is to create an environment where people strive from within to achieve Customer Satisfaction & Business Excellence
         with Social Relevance.

         GOAL: Coupled with its own efforts and determination SaP IT Solutions has maintained high standards by virtue of its alliances. The Company  also
          lays emphasis with a strong focus on "Training and Development" of personnel in new horizons of technology.

         PROFIT : Satisfaction Of Customer.


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